GL565 (1967)


AD5004 (1956)

AD5036 (1956)

AD5046 (1962)

AD5053 (1963)

GL566 (1967)


AD5055 (1964)

GL559 (1967)



Perhaps the most important device in sound reproduction is the loudspeaker. The most diverse varieties have been developed the last decades. Starting as a simple broadband unit, followed by multiple unit enclosures and eventually leading to the active loudspeaker. Philips offered a broad range of loudspeakers with innovative design. Think of high-impedance units for direct coupled tube amplifiers, the dome tweeter and the motional feedback system.







22RH491 (1969)


22RH480 (1968)

22RH481 (1969)

22EG0417 (1969)

22RH499 (1970)


22RH493 (1969)


22RH413 (1972)





22RH423 (1972)

22RH426 (1972)

22RH427 (1972)

22RH422 (1973)

22RH421 (1974)

22RH532 (1974)

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