BX700A (1950)



Radio Sets
This section is all about the pre-high fidelity era, when tube radios dominated the living room. When
the need for high quality reproduction became more and more apparent, the table-top radio was slowly
vanishing, but it reappeared in many other places in and around the house and often served its duty for
many years afterwards. Tube radios are known for their excellent reception quality and solid sound.



B5X63A (1956)


B4X66U (1956)

B6X62A (1956)

B7X63A (1956)


B5X72A (1957)


BX156U (1956)






BX534A (1953)



B5X34A (1963)


B7X14A (1960)

B3X42A (1964)

22RB382 (1969)

A2X96A (1959)


B3X90U (1959)

 B5W32AT (1963)

B4D51AT (1965)


A3X95A (1959)

BDK436T (1965)

SA3270T (1967)

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