Loudspeaker Units (1961)

Electron Tubes (1965)

Loudspeakers (1970)


Educational Tools (1966)

Loudspeakers (1968)

General Catalogue (1969)


Educational Brochures

Philips has been very active for both amateurs and youngsters with a 'feel' for electronics.
Many engineering kits were invented by Philips to encourage the younger generation to build a radio, amplifier or start a profession into electronics.
For the older generation, countless DIY-kits were available to offer high-quality electronic projects for an affordable price. And nothing beats the fun of building something yourself...



Loudspeaker Units (1966)


Overview (1966)









General Catalogue (1971)

Hobbyskoop no 1 (1972)

Hobbyskoop no 2 (1972)

Hobbyskoop no 6 (1973)

Electronic Engineer (1983)

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